What are Opportunity classes?

Opportunity classes cater for academically gifted Year 5 and Year 6 students having high potential that are mainly located in public primary schools. These classes use special teaching methods and educational materials and help students excel by grouping them with students of similar abilities.

The High Performing Students Team administers the opportunity class placement process for which parents normally apply when students are in Year 4.

So, if your child is in Year 3 or has just started Year 4, this is the right time (the sooner the better) to seek external help in order to accelerate the preparation for such competitive examinations. This involves a rigorous preparation for in-depth knowledge of all 3 areas which are Mathematical Reasoning, Reading, and Thinking Skills. Hence, it requires a lot of commitment, motivation, and dedication not only from students but also from their parents and teachers. Not only this, but also this is a steppingstone for Selective Exams Preparation.

Our Teacher Nextdoor (TND) team is managed and run by qualified and experienced NESA accredited teachers. So, we completely understand the challenges faced by students preparing for such competitive exams. Most of the students struggle in large group settings due to long hours, lack of individual attention, improper guidance, or no personal feedback from their tutors.

Our team at Teacher Nextdoor, comprising of highly experienced and qualified teachers tries to combat such challenges as much as possible. Hence, we provide online classes in a very small group and focus on all our students by giving them individual attention to help them excel in academics.  Instead of tiring and exhausting 3-4 hour sessions, we try to keep classes on separate days so that students can be more attentive and can get more time for practice, revision, and doubt clearance.

We wish good luck to all our OC aspirants!

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